Comparison of Sexual Behavior of Turkish Female University Students: 1993 and PRESENT

Authors: Asiye Kocatürk1, Ümit Sayın2, Gizem Y. Baş3, Cevdet Kocatürk1

Institution:   1 Dept. of Midwife and Nursery, Health Sciences Institute, Marmara University, İstanbul-Turkey

2Institute of Forensic Sciences, İstanbul  University, Cerrahpaşa, İstanbul-Turkey 

3 Bogazici University 

Kocatürk A, Sayın HÜ, Baş GY, Kocatürk C. Comparison of the Sexual Behavior of 939 Female Students in İstanbul Universities (2012) to the Survey Results of Kadınca Report (1993): Decline in Sexual Knowledge and Education in Turkish Universities? 38thAnnual Meeting of IASR (International Academy of Sex Research), Lisbon-Portual, July 8-11, 2012; Abtract Book, 38: 82, 2012.

Abstract Title: Comparison of Sexual Behavior of 939 Female Students in İstanbul Universities-2012 to the Survey Results of Kadınca Report-1993: Decline in Sexual Knowledge and Education in Turkish Universities?

Rationale and Introduction: No detailed reports about the sexual behavior and orgasmic patterns of Turkish women have ever been published! We have performed a short survey to investigate the sexual behavior patterns of Female University students of three Universities in İstanbul, as a part of our ongoing “İstanbul Report on Female Sexuality” (IR-2013) survey.

Methods: To compare the sexual and orgasmic behavior patterns of young Turkish women with former studies at the age range of 17-25 (KR-1993, N=857), a 27 questionnaire survey was made among female university students in İstanbul, as a continuation of Kadınca Report (KR-1993) and Hülya Report (2003). The questionnaire of IR was delivered to 939 female students in Bogazici (N=303), Marmara  (N=396) and İstanbul Universities (N=240).

Results: 1) 81.4 % of IR-females were virgins, while, 37.1 % of KR-females were virgins 2) 57.6 % of IR-females never masturbated, while 36.7 % of KR-females had never masturbated 3) 44.2 % of IR-females never had any erotic fantasies, while 92.3 % of KR-females had various erotic fantasies. 4) 34.4 % of IR-females have never experienced orgasm, while 78.3 % of KR-females had experienced orgasm 5) 66.8 % of IR-females have never experienced multiple orgasms, while 52.7 % of KR-females had experienced multiple orgasms. 6) 57.9 % of IR-females attained orgasm once or none, 31.1 % could experience 2-5 orgasms in one hour, while 32.9 % of KR-females had attained orgasms once or none, 55.5 % of KR-females had attained 2-5 orgasms, 11.6 % had had 6-20 orgasms in one hour. 7) 3.4 % of IR-females had a lesbian affair, while 14.1 % of KR-females had had a lesbian affair once. 8) 4.8 % of IR-females were aware of their G-Spot, while 21.1 % of KR-females had knew their G-Spot 9) 4.9 % of IR-females had incestuous experience, while 5.6 % of KR-females had had a similar experience.

 Conclusions: It seems that there is decline in the knowledge and education of sexuality at Turkish Universities compared to the young women at the same age groups in  Kadınca Report (KR-1993) twenty years ago. This result may be a reflection of the conservative attitudes of the general politics of the country and of the education system, which was shown before to be effective on the sexual behavior of Turkish women. Turkish young females need a structured education on sexuality at the universities.



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