Correlation of PFM and Masturbation Quality in ESR and NESR

Correlation of Factors That Contribute to Masturbation Quality and the Strength of Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM) as Measured by Kegel Perineometer

   Rationale and Introduction: Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM) are important muscle network between pubis and coccyx, that take part crucial roles in many sexual functions. We have shown that PFM strength

is directly correlated with the intensity and quality of orgasms, the possibility of attaining vaginal orgasms  and the development of Expanded Sexual Response (ESR).

   Methods: During our various preliminary surveys on ESR and female sexuality, we investigated the effects of the activation of PFM on masturbation in women. In ESR scales and other survey questionnaire, a separate section of 10 questions were asked about the activation of PFM and masturbation patterns. Pilot data of 35 ESR women and 59 None-ESR (NESR) is presented. The strengths of PFM of these women were also measured by using a Kegel Perineometer. A portion of data collected until August 2011 is analyzed and presented, the study is still continuing, percentages and figures may change.

   Results: 1) PFM strength was correlated with ESR-Scores. 2) Development of ESR was directly correlated with the strength of PFM.  3) PFM strength was correlated with the frequency of the occurrence of vaginal orgasms. 4) PFM strength was correlated with the frequency of masturbation and the occurrence of multiple orgasms 5) ESR women masturbated at least 2 times or more, a week; while NESR women masturbated at least 1-3 times a month, when both group didn’t have partners 6) Squeezing PFM during clitoral masturbation increased the intensity and numbers of orgasms as well as the frequency of multiple orgasms in ESR women. 7) Squeezing PFM during clitoral masturbation enhanced the quality and pleasure of orgasms in both groups. 8) Self assigned libido scores were correlated with the frequency of masturbation 9) More than 75 % of ESR women squeezed PFM during clitoral masturbation. 10) For a subgroup of NESR women, who did not experience vaginal orgasms, clitoral masturbation gave more pleasure and satisfaction than coitus. For ESR women both were very pleasurable.

   Conclusion: 1) For attaining ESR, the training and strength of PFM are very crucial. 2) ESR women have more powerful and developed PFM, compared to NESR women 3) Using PFM during clitoral masturbation increases the intensity, number and frequency of orgasms in women 4) ESR women masturbated more frequently than NESR women 5) Masturbation frequency is an important factor in the development of ESR.

Sayın HÜ, Kocatürk A, Kocatürk C, Ramstadius M. Correlation of Factors that Contribute to the Masturbation Quality and the Strength of Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM) as Measured by  Kegel Perineometer. The 34th NACS-Sexology Conference (Pleasure and Health) 4-7 October, 2012, Helsinki-Finland. NACS-Conference Abstract Book 2012; 34: 32; 2012.


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