Correlation of PFM to Enhanced Female Orgasms

Sayin Ümit, Ramstadius Marjo and Kocatürk Asiye. Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength is Correlated with Attaining Vaginal Orgasms in Human Female as Measured by Kegel Perineometer. 33rd NACS Conference 2011, Oslo-Norway, Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology 33rd Congress Abstract Book (33):22, 2011.


Rationale: In literature it is hypothesized that strong pelvic floor muscles(PFM) are correlated with the women’s attaining vaginal orgasms and ‘expanded sexual response(ESR)’. To investigate ESR and the correlation of PFM strength and ESR, we made a preliminary research in groups of women who experienced vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms and who experienced only clitoral orgasms, but no  vaginal orgasms.

Methods:  Group A(N=25) consisted of women who were able attain both vaginal and clitoral orgasms; group B(N=23) consisted of women who could attain only clitoral orgasms, without  vaginal orgasms. SAYIN-PFM-ESR scale, consisting of 20 specific questions about the main parameters of ESR, was delivered to the women after their PFM strength was measured in milibars by a Kegel-Perineometer and ESR scores were calculated. The measurements were made while the women were lying, sitting and standing.  Also the duration of squeezing and holding  PFM was measured using a chronometer and Kegel-Perineometer.  The data were compared by Student’s t-test in SPSS.

Results: The means of the strength of PFM in milibars in group A were: lying, 19.18±2.95 (S.D.); sitting, 17.12±3.19; standing 17.16±3.34. The means of the strengths of PFM in milibars in group B were: lying, 11.76±3.6; sitting, 11.84±3.93; standing, 13.36±3.86. The duration of squeezing and holding PFM in group A was 8.54±1.68 seconds and in group B was 4.74±1.17 seconds. Statistical analysis showed that in each parameter category, group A had higher results than group B, which were statistically significant (p < 0.001). The average ESR scores of group A were also significantly higher than the group B.

Conclusion: Our preliminary studies clearly showed that there is a statistically significant correlation between the strength of PFM and vaginal orgasms; also that there is also a correlation between the higher ESR scores and the strength of PFM.




 Note that The Numbers of subjects are different at the abstract and the poster; this is because the data was still collected after the abstract submission date...


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