Definition and Parameters of ESR

Sayin Ümit and Ramstadius Marjo. Expanded Desire: The Main Parameters and New Definitions of Enhanced and Expanded Sexual Response (ESR).33rd NACS Conference 2011, Oslo-Norway, Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology 33rd Congress Abstract Book (33):21, 2011.


Rationale and Methods: In the literature, lately, a new term is coined and cited as expanded sexual response (ESR). To investigate the main parameters of a possible ESR, we have contacted some women who claimed to have enhanced sexual response through internet and by other means. Our aim was to establish the main scientific basis of the definitions and parameters of ESR, if ever it existed, and to establish an objective ESR scale out of our preliminary findings.

Results: It is concluded that some aspects of the sexual response of women with ESR were different than the women without ESR (NESR):1)The ESR women experienced vaginal, clitoral and blended orgasms, as described by  Whipple. 2)The ESR women experienced multiple orgasms in most of their sexual activities. 3)The ESR women were able to attain long lasting and/or prolonged and/or multiple and/or sustained orgasms and/or status orgasmus that lasted longer than the classical single orgasm and/multiple orgasm patterns defined in the literature. 4)The ESR women claimed to have strong pelvic floor muscles (PFM) compared to NESR women. 5)The libido of ESR women was very high compared to NESR women. 6)ESR women described a phenomenon called G-Spot orgasms. 7)ESR women described sensitive erogenous zones in their genitalia other than clitoris.  8)ESR women masturbated frequently. 9)ESR women had erotic fantasies more frequently than the NESR women. 10)ESR women admitted to have a form of altered states of consciousness during some of their prolonged orgasms and/or status orgasmus.

Conclusion: ESR is a novel phenomenon in the human female which was defined recently. Our preliminary data revealed that more detailed scientific research should be carried out on the possible existence of such a phenomenon. The authors are still working on some psychometric ESR-scales to measure the claimed ESR in the human female in scientific terms.







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