Effects of Nasal Oxytocin Spray in Female Behaviro


Introduction: The hormone and neurotransmitter OXYTOCIN (OXY) has been proposed to take part in many behavioral patterns of female behavior, including sexual arousal, orgasm, LOVE, attachment to the partner, birth and motherhood. It is hypothesized to be used in sex therapy to treat vaginismus, anorgasmia, arousal problems and others in future.
Methods:  As a preliminary study, we administered 10 IU OXY intranasally to 26 women to assess the main acute effects of OXY on female behavior. A special scale containing 24 questions to assess the possible acute effects of euphoria, elevation of mind, anxiolysis, empathy, sexual arousal, analgesia, altered states of consciousness (ASC), happiness feeling, and effects on general psychology, SUBJECTIVELY  was used within 10 minutes after the administration. Along with OXY, a placebo spray was used intranasally before or after OXY administration in a double blind research design, to compare the effects of OXY with placebo. There was a time lapse of two hours between the two administrations.
Results: The acute effects of OXY were controversial and altered from women to women. 15 women described an effect of euphoria; 8 women reported an effect of elevation of mind; 8 women described a mild ASC; 10 women mentioned about an acute effect of sexual arousal, while 6 women had a feeling of rush and increase of heat at genitals; 8 women had increased empathy; 15 women described a feeling of calmness and happiness; 8 women reported a feeling of analgesia; 5 women told about a feeling of anxiolysis. The main effects which were described by most of the women were calmness, euphoria, empathy, happiness feeling, relaxation, drowsiness and sexual arousal.
Conclusion: Intranasal OXY spray DOES have some acute effects on the female behavior and consciousness. However, for future research designs, higher doses of OXY (20-30 IU), for a longer duration of time, should be administered to assess the possible above effects of OXY, since OXY is degraded very fast in the brain after carried through N. olfactorius into the limbic system and cortex after nasal spray. Since the effects of OXY are very controversial and variable from women to women, the number of subjects should be increased in a more detailed research design to evaluate the acute effects of OXY whether to be an effective therapeutic agent. OXY has serious potentials to be used for therapeutic purposes in sex therapy and psychiatry in future.

Sayın HÜ, Kocatürk A, Kece C, Dastan K. The Acute Effects of Nasal Oxytocin Spray on Female Behavior: Sedation, Arousal, Anxiolysis, Empathy and Altered States of Consciousness. The 34thNACS-Sexology Conference (Pleasure and Health) 4-7 October, 2012, Helsinki-Finland. NACS-Conference Abstract Book 2012; 34: 32; 2012.


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