Effects of Pregnancy on Sexual Behavior


Introduction: It is well known and estimated that childbirth affects the sexual response of women. We investigated the influence of childbirth on sexual response of women in Turkey.

Methods: 11 women were questioned about their sexual activities before pregnancy, during first trimester, second trimester, third trimester and 3 months after childbirth (number of subjects are increasing, while study continues). A modified form of SAYIN-ESR-Kegel-PFM-Preliminary Scale which contained 52 questions about the given periods was used. A 0-6 likert scale was used to assess a subset of questions: 0-affected terribly bad; 1-affected very bad; 2-affected bad; 3-no change; 4-affected little good; 5-affected good; 6-Affected very good.

Results: 1) Whole pregnancy and birth affected the overall sexual pleasure BAD (Scale average (SA):2) 2) Child birth (CB) affected the overall sexual satisfaction and general sex life very  BAD (SA: 1.36) 3) CB affected lubrication BAD (SA:1.81) 4) CB affected orgasmic satisfaction and orgasm capacity  very BAD (SA:1.54) 5) CB affected libido BAD (SA:2.18) 6) CB affected PC-muscle control and activity BAD (SA:1.9) 7) CB affected contracting PC-muscles for getting pleasure BAD (SA:1.81) 8) CB affected the pleasure getting from coitus very BAD (SA:1.36) 9) CB did NOT have a BAD effect on general psychology of the mother (SA:3.09) 10) CB affected the male spouse’s sexual attraction and sexual tendency to the mother BAD (SA:2.27) 11) CB affected the subjective self image of the mother BAD (SA:2.27) 12) CB affected sexual activities and getting pleasure from sex BAD (SA:1.72) 13) CB affected the overall view of the mother toward sex and pleasure BAD (SA:2.09). Many other parameters related with sexual response, sexual impulse, arousal, pleasure and orgasmic response, etc., were also asked during the survey study. The trend was that both pregnancy at the third trimester and the CB affected sexual response, pleasure and orgasmic response of the mothers BAD compared to pro-pregnancy period.

Conclusion: Both pregnancy (particularly at the third trimester) and CB have very negative effects on the sexual responsiveness of the mothers. After a couple of births motherhood may have adverse effects on sexual responsiveness and satisfaction of the mothers. A structured education, seminars, workshops and PC-muscle training using a Kegel Perineometer during pregnancy and after childbirth may improve some of the negative factors happening during pregnancy and CB.

Sayın HÜ, Kocatürk A, Armagan N, Kece C. Sexual response of women altered before and after childbirth in Turkey. The 34thNACS-Sexology Conference (Pleasure and Health) 4-7 October, 2012, Helsinki-Finland. NACS-Conference Abstract Book 2012;  34: 31; 2012.


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