Four Nerve Theory in ESR

Four Nerve and Six Pathway Theory of Female Orgasmic Response

   Introduction: In Eastern literature centuries ago and in Western literature during the last decades, there were descriptions of different and intense female orgasm patterns. It is hypothesized that in a minority of women, orgasmic response can be enhanced and expanded, as coined with the term Expanded Sexual Response (ESR). The neurological and neuropharmacological basis of intense orgasms and ESR phenomenon is still obscure.

   Findings: The research teams of Komisaruk, Whipple  and Giorgiadis have fulfilled fMRI screening of brain areas during female orgasms. Komisaruk et al. have discovered that the female orgasm can be triggered via four different nerves: pudental, pelvic, hypogastric and vagus nerves. Also it has been proposed that in a minority of women, orgasm reflexes can be triggered by means of the stimulation of glans clitoris, other clitoral structures, PC-muscle, cervix, other Deep Vaginal Erogenous Zones (DVZ: A-, O-, G-Spots, etc.), anus, nipples, and ear lobes.

   Four Nerve-Six Pathway Theory of Female Orgasm: We hypothesize that during the development of a single intense orgasm and/or ESR, six separate pathway systems may activate the female orgasms. These are: pudental, pelvic, hypogastirc, vagus, intercostal nerve mediated reflex arches. Oxytocin is also a major neurotransmitter and hormone which contributes to the development of female orgasm. Four main nerve pathways and two oxytocin pathways mediate the formation of normal or single orgasms, as well as developed, sustained, intense and long lasting orgasms in ESR.

  Staircase Hypothesis of Attaining Different Orgasmic Reflexes: ESR can be learned and developed in a few women by training in a staircase pattern. Clitoral, vaginal, blended, intense blended orgasms and ESR can be explained by staircase orgasmic reflex hypothesis and four nerve-six pathway theory.

  Conclusions: Even though ESR can be attained by very few women today, after the discovery of the mechanisms of intense female orgasms and ESR, it will be possible for many women to experience these orgasm patterns, soon, after certain training, which will contribute to sex therapy a great deal.

Sayın HÜ, Kece C. Four Nerve and Six Pathway Theory of Female Orgasmic Response. The 34th NACS-Sexology Conference (Pleasure and Health) 4-7 October, 2012, Helsinki-Finland. NACS-Conference Abstract Book 2012; 34: 29; 2012.


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