Kadinca-Hulya Reports and Orgasmic Behavior of 2240 Turkish Women

Sayin Ümit, Can Günay, Ramstadius Marjo, Kocatürk Asiye  and Kahya İpek. Desire in Turkish Women: Orgasmic Behaviour Patterns in 2240 Educated Turkish Women Which Improves with Education. 33rd NACS Conference 2011, Oslo-Norway, Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology 33rd Congress Abstract Book (33):22, 2011.


Rationale: Aim of this study was to investigate orgasmic behavior of educated Turkish women in two successive surveys done in 1993 and 2003. 


Methods: Two surveys were realized about the sexual behavior of educated Turkish women in activist and feminist women’s magazines in 1993 (Kadınca magazine, Kadınca Report-KR, N=1534) and in 2003 (Hülya magazine, Hülya Report-HR, N=706). In both, 88% of women were graduates of high school or university (=KR:60.2%; HR:57%).

Results: 1)Percentages of experiencing orgasm: 22.4% in KR and 29% in HR  had orgasms always. 2)During an hour  of sexual activity,  maximum number of orgasms experienced were: 34.8% in KR and 40.6% in HR,  only one; 46.3% in KR and 38.0% in HR,  2 to 5 times; 7.9% in KR and 10.8% in HR, 6-10 times; 2.1% in KR and 4.7% in HR, 11-20 times. 3)Vaginal-Clitoral Controversy: 12.9% in KR and 25.0% in HR stated that they experienced vaginal orgasms by means of coitus; 80.6% in KR and 71.5% in HR needed only clitoral stimulation or other. 4)The duration needed for attaining an orgasm after starting love making was: Less than five min.,  3.2% in KR and 9.3% in HR; 5-10 min.,  28.8% in KR and  35% in HR; 10-30 min.,  49.9% in KR and 34.0% in HR. 5)The frequencies of attaining multiple orgasms: More than 5 orgasms, 26.6% in KR and 21.1% in HR; 1-5 orgasms, 25 % in KR and 32.1 % in HR; only one orgasm, 37.9% in KR and 36.7% in HR. 6)The percentages of women who never experienced an orgasm:  In both reports it was at the range of 6-14%.

Conclusion: The orgasm frequencies were reflecting a similar pattern in KR and HR. We conclude that some educated Turkish women have sexual liberation similar to the Western women, which is correlated with education.





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