Two-Universities Pilot Study on Female Students

Kocatürk Asiye, Sayin Ümit, Baş Gizem Y., Kocatürk Cevdet, Ocakçı Ayşe F. Sexual Behavior Patterns of Turkish Females at Two Universities of İstanbul in 2011: Marmara and Bogaziçi Universities Pilot Survey Studies. 33rd NACS Conference 2011, Oslo-Norway, Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology 33rd Congress Abstract Book (33):15, 2011.


Rationale/ Methods: As a part of the authors’ ongoing research on sexual behavior of Turkish females, entitled as ‘İstanbul Report’, the female students (FS) at two different universities of Istanbul were taken into the study. A questionnaire of 20 basic questions were delivered to the female students of Marmara (MU, N=279) and Boğaziçi (BU, N=247) Universities, as a pilot preliminary study. The age range was 15-20 (MU=20.4%; BU=30.4%), 21-25 (MU=75.3%; BU=66.4%). 67% of MU-FS and 64.1% of BU-FS admitted that they were religious.

Results: 1)79.9% of MU-FS and 85.3% of BU-FS were virgins. 2) 46% of MU-FS and 51.1% of BU-FS have never masturbated. 3) 49.6% of MU-FS and 42.6% of BU-FS  have never had erotic fantasies 4)37.5% of MU and 35.1% of BU-FS have never experienced an orgasm; while 20.3% of MU-FS and 26.3% of BU-FS attained orgasm sometimes. 5)1.1% of MU-FS  and 1.3% of BU-FS had a lesbian affair, while 10.5% of MU-FS and 3.8% of BU-FS fantasized about a lesbian sexual act 6) 10.2% of MU-FS and 1 % of BU-FS had an incestous sexual act. 7) Other data also showed that MU-FS and BU-FS don’t know much about sexual issues, are not trained properly about healthy sex and do not have much sexual experience.

Conclusion: Compared to other reports on the subject (Kadınca Report-1993 and Hülya Report-2003), there is a trend of MU-FS and BU-FS to become less active in sexual relations and more  illiterate about sexual life and knowledge. Two decades ago, the inclination and knowledge of University-FS on sexual issues was reported higher in Turkey. This result may be a reflection of the conservative attitudes of the general politics of the country and of the education system, which was shown before to be effective on the sexual behavior of Turkish women.




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